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Delhi Program Summary

Each One Teach One (EOTO) Delhi works with over 150 children in two schools, Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya, Kitchner Road and Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya, Netaji Nagar, both part of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). EOTO Delhi has two community teaching centres located in Sanjay Camp, Chanakyapuri and Indira Kalyan Vihar, Okhla which provide remedial education to over 150 children.

For the last three years, EOTO Delhi has run an after-school program for Class 8, 9 and 10 at Atal Adarsha Vidyalaya in Chanakyapuri. The schedule of classes includes Maths, Social Science, English and Science. We have four dedicated teachers, Naveen Chauhan, Nitin Goel, Poonam Sharma and Prerna Kumari who teach students five days a week. We have developed a very good working relationship with these teachers who are extremely committed to the work of our NGO and the holistic development of our students.

In May 2019, our first batch of Class 10 students improved the passing percentage by 10% from the year before and Ritu, our topper for 2019, achieved an amazing 84% and every Class 10 student achieved distinction in at least one subject. Towards the end of 2019, we commenced a second teaching program for Class 10 students in another NDMC school in Netaji Nagar. We work closely with the teachers and principals of both schools to support the students with their class curriculum and exam preparation.

The EOTO Scholarship Program continues to support students in Class 11 and 12. These students were all part of the daily after-school program and are now scattered throughout the city in various Senior Secondary Schools. This year we supported six Class 12 students, nine students in Class 11 and also four students in Sanjay Camp for Open School. The funds they receive from the scholarship are used to pay for enrollment, extra tuition or books. We are in close contact with all the students receiving scholarship funds.Their financial needs and academic progress are reviewed regularly. Scholarship awardees are also offered an optional English support program taught everyday of the week.

In May 2019, for the first time at the school, we provided Class 10 Career Counselling. We invited a highly experienced career counsellor to work closely with our students over a period of 4 weeks. All the students completed a MCQ paper that was marked electronically and with the results, each child received an in depth and personal consultation. They discussed their test score, how to choose their classes to best support their academic strengths and career choice as well as possible professions and types of higher education options to support their choices. It was an incredible and much valued opportunity for these young adults to have this guidance and focus on their further education.

The academic classes are supported by a wide range of sports, dance, drama and music programs. Under the guidance of various teachers our students have performed dances, drama skits and songs at both their NDMC School Assemblies and at the American Embassy School in Chanakyapuri during their special festival assemblies. We have seen a great sense of confidence develop in these children as they stand up amongst their peers and classmates to perform at their own school. It is also very exciting for our students to travel to a new school and perform their prepared and practiced songs or dance performances in front of a very large and appreciative International audience.

Spoken English classes are directed towards the older children and focus on their speaking skills. The class is thoroughly enjoyed by all the students and as our teacher is non-Hindi speaking, all the students are compelled to only speak English in the classes.

We continue to have monthly birthday parties where we celebrate all the birthdays of students in a given month. Our celebrations honour the children with a cake, candles and singing and then a special birthday snack. It is always a fun and festive afternoon.

As part of our holistic approach to education, outings form a key part of our annual calendar. Our outings have included visits to the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi - where the children were given a guided tour of the museum followed by a reflective session in the classroom to recreate some of the art that they saw. All the students love our annual picnics and our teachers and volunteers attend the events creating a lovely environment to understand and spend time with the children outside of the school.

In May 2019, as a special celebration for the students who passed Class10, we took fourteen students to the Waterpark in Noida to celebrate their achievement, hard work and dedication. In February 2020, we took 60 students by bus to an Adventure Park in Gurugram for our annual outing chaperoned by all the teachers that they have worked closely with over the last year. It was a fabulous day of fun, laughter and lots of food!

In December 2018 we held our first school-wide event at Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya, Kitchner Road - a Christmas Mela and it was an incredible success attended by over 350 students. With the support of the Principal, all our teachers, support staff, EOTO Alumni and many volunteers - the whole NDMC school from nursery to class 10 participated in the activities, snacks, games and a visit from Santa Claus!

In December 2019 we conducted an Eye-Camp. Over three days, specialists from ICARE Eye Hospital in Noida visited the school with all their equipment and tested the eye-sight of over 300 children, teachers and school staff. Glasses, eye care education and medical treatment was provided free of cost for all the students and staff seen at the camp.

Summer camps have been one of the most anticipated two weeks of the year. Every May, for a couple of weeks after school closes for the Summer break, the students return for a varied program of dance, theatre, art, educational games and fun. This year will be no different - our online Summer Camp will begin on June 1st, 2020 and consists of many activities, competitions, games and more.

In June 2019, four of our students were selected for the Advanced Language Immersion program at the American Embassy School during the month of June. The program was an intensive two week English Immersion course where children from all over the world attend sessions to improve their English. Our four EOTO students were fantastic and the teachers couldn’t stop talking about how well they participated and performed in the language program.

Our Delhi Team

We have an extremely dedicated team that supports us everyday at the NDMC schools.

Shahana Mirza is our Programme Coordinator and over the last year has ensured a smooth running of the program on a daily basis. Shahana is in constant contact with the Principals, teachers and oversees the community projects, even stepping in to take classes if needed. She has an amazing rapport with the students and has become a pillar of strength for the Delhi program and is a strong advocate for the students' needs.

Until March 2020, Manu worked as our Centre Administrator and has been a constant presence, somebody that the kids have got to know very well. Her attention to detail to our records of daily attendance, weekly activities and teaching summaries has been immaculate. Rekha makes up to seventy snacks a day for our students with so much love and has really become part of our team.

The Okhla community project is run by Baby. Baby has steadily grown the remedial education program and channeled many students into the mainstream education system. Her dedication and attention to detail is visible everyday and her classes are always full and bursting with energy. She has identified over 150 struggling daily wage families during the Covid-19 pandemic and has handled the procurement and distribution of EOTO relief kits to each of these families in Indira Kalyan Vihar Camp over the last few weeks.

We have had the privilege of working with some fabulous volunteers over the last few years. Sarah Koch has been a key part of the spoken English program for all classes and joined us on many of our Each One Teach One picnics, activities and outings. Last summer we had two Class 11 students, Maya and Sophie from the UK work with our community projects in Sanjay Camp as well many local students from the American Embassy School that have led vocabulary building sessions, team building activities and games during the after-school program during the last couple of years.

EOTO Delhi during the Covid-19 Crisis

In March 2020 as school shut down as part of Nationwide Lockdown we had to close our school programs and remedial classes in both the slum communities.

On Monday April 13th 2020, EOTO Delhi began online classes in English and Maths for the start of the New Session 2020-2021. Our dedicated teachers switched their focus, materials and efforts to support an online continuous learning curriculum. It was a huge turn around that involved all the members of our team. There were many obstacles; we delivered whiteboards to teachers, notebooks and pens to students and recharged mobile data packages so our students could join our classes. By the end of May, we completed a total of seven week of online support teaching before the Summer break.

During the Covid-19 crisis, EOTO has been supporting the residents of Sanjay Camp, Chanakyapuri and Indira Kalyan Vihar, Okhla. As businesses have shut down over the last few months, the majority of its daily wage worker population find themselves without a livelihood. Everyday families of our students and those around them continue to lose jobs in all sectors. With no daily income, they are unable to support their families and hunger is a daily struggle.

Our staff in both communities have helped us identify families in need. EOTO is providing kits with food and hygiene essentials (atta, rice, dal, oil,salt, sugar, tea, biscuits, soap and masks) which can sustain a family for about two weeks. We have delivered notebooks and pens to the children of both communities so they can continue their school work from home. To date, we have sup

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