What We Do

Educate and Promote Education

The primary aim is to educate the weaker section of the society. The focus is on English, Mathematics, Marathi, Hindi, Social Studies and Science subjects.

Extra coaching classes are held for those students who find it difficult to cope with the regular pace of education.

Computer Education is given to the children by setting up a computer center and appointing a trainer.

Knowledge on wheels: we have a Mobile Library to promote an interest in books and education.

EOTO Scholarships are given to encourage our students to study further.

Basic Support

How can a child step in the school without note books, uniforms? The student's families find it a burden to send the children to school as they are required to pay for the basic necessities. EOTO shoulders the responsibilities by providing uniforms, notebooks etc to the students.

Our aim is to : Provide students with notebooks, uniforms, nutrition and such other support.

Appropriate Support to Teachers and to Schools

Teachers training program strengthens the teachers with better and more enhanced teaching techniques.

Providing the teaching aids helps in improvising the quality of teaching.

Toys and Book Library in schools are provided to broaden the general knowledge of the children.

Setting up the Science laboratories allow hand on experience on the technical subjects.

Appropriate Support to Students

Most of these children come from environments that are not emotionally and Psychologically sound. They need to be approached and Directed with care.

Many students need special counseling.

Simple activities like celebrating the students birthday and rewarding them for their performance goes a long way in boosting their self esteem.

Students drop out of college as they are not able to cope with their studies. A career guidance program after 10th standard directs the children based on their aptitudes ensuring that they complete their education.

Self- Development for Students

Workshops on personality development and leadership skills help the students to keep up with the demands of the real world.

Activities like yoga, karate and meditation are also a part of self development program.

Extra - Curricular Activities

Make the school life more interesting by facilitating indoor activities like carom, chess, art craft, rangoli competition; outdoor sports; and taking the children on an annual picnic.

During Vacation, the children are totally idle. We use this time for special skill development programs, hobby classes etc.

Providing a Healthy Environment

The students stay with us longer, either before or after school hours. It is important that they do not remain hungry. Thus provision of nutritious snacks is a part of EOTO model.

It is not possible to improve and take on the responsibility of the entire infrastructure of the school. However, we do improve the basic sanitation and drinking water facilities in the schools.

Our students come from the impoverished areas of the cities. They are very prone to various diseases that may or may not be detected. Organization of general health camps help to identify various primary health concerns.

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